Build your business
on a solid
marketing base
360 degree marketing strategy development and implementation;
Best in class research and analitical tools;
The team committed to result.
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About us
IGPA Consult is about full scale marketing support and business analysis. It includes marketing research and analysis, mentoring and consulting. We are offering best in class marketing solutions to achieve goals in each project we lead or involeved to.

Our strategy is based on fast and deep dive to business, research and getting category insightes to maximize efficacy of every activity.

The World as well as consumers' behaviour is changing fast. Leading companies are not only follow transformation of consumers' habits but also predict future shift. It is crucial to know market trends and possesing on-going updates.

IGPAConsult excellence

for marketing

Big data analysis and research. Effective way to get knowledge of target audience or category trends even with massive portion of information, based on machine learning programs.
Marketing research
and analysis, marketing mix modelling.

Are you curious what marketing campaign was more effective? Which channel need more investment or brings more profit? We can help to find out.

Do you need loyalty program for your customers, promo campaign, bonus programm or you are about to launch a new product of brand. We can develop it and help you to implement.
Are you keen to know who are the competitors, what thier strenghtes and weaknesses, pricing policy and portfolio? We can do marketing research and analysis including forecasting of future trends. Welcome to IGPA consult.
and consulting
You already have you marketer or marketing department which require some professional shift or tailor made training?
Yes, we can make it.
Analysis based evaluation of business processes efficacy, with tuning or maybe even reconstruction recommendation (including 1C based) of business and marketing processes. It is much easier with us.
You get with IGPA Consult
Single Point of Contact
Superior analytics
All we do is based on deep dive to market, consumer needs, business understanding and situation assessment.
Just the right thing
No need to pay for the whole team. You are getting only what is required for your project and tasks.
Irina Dudkina
Founded IGPAConsult after 17 years of successful career at multinational companies.

Our mission is to help other companies building their marketing based on data and analysis. We are here to help with best in class marketing technologies.

(С) "Marketing is not an exact science, but any theories must be built on a solid foundation".
Invest our knowledge and experience in your business and growth.
Strategic decisions based on data and analytics.
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